Piemonte DOC Barbera Appassimento


Production AreaPiemonte - Monferrato Area

SoilCalcareous, clay, and limestone. Continental climate

WinemakingGrapes are handpicked and laid gently in small open cases of 5kg/10 lbs for about 4-6 weeks in a dry, temperature controlled room with fans used for ventilation. Maceration on the skin takes place after the drying of the grapes in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks at 28-30°C/82-86°F for 10-12 days. Elevage takes place in stainless steel tanks for 6 months, then for a minimum of 2 months in the bottle.

Tasting notesThis wine has a unique, ruby red color. The bouquet is rich with berrylike aromas, homemade fruit jam, and earthy notes. This wine has a soft sweet flavor balanced with the typical acidity of our beloved Barbera grape. The smooth tannins help give a pleasant structure and nice finish.

PairingThis wine goes well with aged Italian cheeses, gamey meat, and savory cuisine like Korean barbecue. Serve between 16-18°C. / 60-64° F. Fine for serving shortly after opening.


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